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is hiring individuals and couples to demonstrate and sell a healthy system of cooking at trade shows and expos. Work local events or national trade shows for those who enjoy travel. Launch your amazing career teaching fun, healthy food preparation to audiences that are wanting healthy home cooked meals and family unity again in the kitchen.

Read our reviews and join the team that is “changing lives one meal at a time”.

This is a very rewarding career for positive, enthusiastic and self motivated people who enjoy educating and selling to “live audiences”, not on line. We only sell through live demonstrations at 3,000 public events such as Home and garden shows, Health and family expos, home schooling events, food and wine festivals, local fitness centers and military bases. We only appeal to health conscious professionals who want quality in their home.



Answers to Your Questions


You would be performing entertaining and educational 30 minute cooking demonstrations at tradeshows and motivating your audience to purchase a very high quality American made cooking system that is all about health and wellness.

  • Locally, regionally or travel. You decide.
  • Trade shows, expos, festivals, specialty events.
  • Home and garden shows, medical and nursing shows, agriculture shows, wine and food festivals, air shows, holistic and natural shows, fireman shows, Rodeos, Women shows, Holiday shows, State fair expos, local wellness centers.
  • We are at 3,000 events each year.
  • Different events have different schedules, but normally 8 to 10 hour days.
  • Most events are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sundays are noon to 6pm, you may still attend church if you like on Sunday mornings. We’re normally off Monday through Thursday. We also do one day events at health expos and wellness centers such as Golds gyms and Curves facilities, agriculture and medical events are midweek and some state fairs and festivals can be a week long.
  • Our active reps perform 140 to 200 days per year allowing for much travel and family time.
  • You’re paid weekly by direct deposit.
  • You can qualify for a daily salary and a small bonus, or if you’re a performance driven person, you can earn 20 to 35% profits and commissions and qualify for very large weekly and quarterly bonuses.
  • Our first year full time reps average from a low of $60,000 to a high performer earning $250,000. Which are you? Only you know.
  • Upon your being accepted, you would receive a home study virtual training program that you would study diligently for a week prior to coming to your formal training.Upon arrival at training, you will audition and show us how well you studied and can follow our proven program. If you perform well, the company gives you a travel allowance to our training center closest to you.While in training, the company provides transportation, lodging and meals that you prepare learning to be a cooking show host and sales rep.Four 10 hour days are spent in classroom training, 3 days at an actual event performing shows and making sales with a manager and Co-workers, followed by three days of advanced training watching videos and critiquing your performance.A display is then issued to you and you will perform your first solo show and earn income immediately.Your responsibility would be to learn a proven script that was written in part by the world renowned author and speaker, Zig Ziglar, set up a 10 by 10 display that we provide and you would take this display with you to each event. (You will need an SUV, van, pick up or small enclosed trailer).We want people who can make a difference and influence people to invest in their family’s health.We want people who can smile, laugh and cry with the audience when we proclaim that we are still American made.
  • A service based support team that provides continued training, development and support throughout your career.
  • A balanced schedule giving you time to enjoy life and experience what most people only read about in travel magazines.
  • The satisfaction of helping people change lives through healthier meal preparation.
  • An outrageously awesome customer service department that will process your orders and service all of your customers, giving you time to enjoy life.
  • The opportunity to earn an exceptional income giving you financial security.
  • America’s greatest problem today is health, due to obesity and improper diets resulting in endless poor health issues. We offer and sell a proven solution that costs less than any appliance in their home and is warrantied forever, made in America and with no replacement cost making it one of the least expensive investments in their life. When you read the reviews, you won’t believe it. When you attend your first show and have dozens of live testimonies daily, you’ll get it. But, it has to be demonstrated to sell. That’s why we’re hiring.People will pay any price for health and wellness as proven by the Doctors who sell the cure. We sell prevention.

This is not a JOB, “Just Over Broke”, this is a business career with no limits.

  • Enjoy a flexible lifestyle with freedom and a different environment weekly. No burn out.
  • No boss breathing down your neck and you determine your advancement.
  • Huge tax advantages as well for those who choose to be independent contractors.
  • Off on holidays and six weeks off first year.
  • Travel if you want as an individual or team.

This is a full time commitment and our average career reps have been with us for 15 years. Advancement and growth are unlimited with over 30,000 events we have in our data base plus our exclusivity to perform at every military base exchange in the world as they are on a huge movement to get healthy and buy American. We need trainers and managers to surface and grow with the company.

  • You will need a week of home study and then be scheduled into our next training seminar which is available every two weeks.

We are seeking positive, happy, self-motivated, optimistic entrepreneurs that can turn on a microphone at a public trade show, connect and communicate to audiences from 2 to 200 and help them invest in a way of living a longer and healthier life.

We want people who can listen better than they talk and love people unconditionally.

We want people without drama that are responsible, accountable, manage their finances and lives and see the glass half full.

Apply on line and our HR department will schedule a 30 minute telephone interview followed by a live interview with one of our managers by Skype or in person.

You will know if you’re approved within 48 hours and be scheduled for training.

This career is not for everyone, it’s for anyone who wants more than a job; an experience!


Create your own destiny. Read the testimonials from our distributors and see how putting your best foot forward can change your life forever. With a career at Kitchen Craft, you can achieve your dreams!

Tim Martin – 8 Years 

” Kitchen Craft is more than a job, more than a career, for myself and my family it is the ultimate adventure. We are full-time RVers and we travel the country changing people’s lives one meal at a time! From the Florida Everglades to rugged Alaska, Kitchen Craft makes our lifestyle possible. Meeting new people and giving them the gifts of good health and a lifetime of energy savings is my calling and I could not imagine doing anything else.” READ MORE

Kab Benefield – 16 Years 

” Six months after starting with Lustre Craft, Kab qualified for the incentive trip and was awarded Rookie of the Year. Every year since, Kab has led the Million Dollar Club by consistently selling over one million dollars in waterfree cookware each year.” READ MORE

Steve Des Islets – 34 Years 

” What I like most about this company is, it feels like family. I love the fact that the company is 100% behind each distributor. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. It’s great that you are not restricted in how much you can earn….it is entirely up to you and how much effort you choose to put forth. ” READ MORE

Betty Hahn – 18 Years 

” What I have enjoyed most about Kitchen Craft is some of the friendships I’ve made that couldn’t have come about in a regular corporate job. I’m also surprised at how many other Kitchen Craft reps love me as well. I think everyone at Kitchen Craft is committed to helping me succeed. With that attitude, I can work through the occasional challenges which arise.” READ MORE

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